Umrah at Younger Age

Why Younger Age is The Best Time to Perform Umrah?

Many of us dream to perform the pilgrimage from a very young age and to see the Kaaba closely and the Abraham Station, to drink Zamzam, to make the Tawaf around the Kaaba, to wear the white uniform of the pilgrimage, and to meet Muslims from all over the world to participate in the most important gathering in the history of mankind.

The pilgrimage is a unique occasion to solicit the forgiveness of Allah SoubhanaHou Wa Ta’ala and to become better to gain access to paradise, insha’Allah. Yet the pilgrimage is sometimes perceived as a distant event and out of reach, especially among young people.

That said, we sooner or later end up leaving high school and university to move forward in our lives. You may start with an amount set aside, or you may have paid off the last instalment of your student loan.

You then have the opportunity to go to Hajj. At the same time, other projects may come to you like a wedding, a trip, or a vacation, which then forces you to make a choice. So notice to young people, you who are torn between all these possibilities. Here is why you should invest all your energy, your efforts, and your resources in what could be called the dream of a lifetime: The pilgrimage to Mecca.

A young pilgrim on performing Umrah:

A teenager or a mature adult should know that this experience is much more than a physical journey. This pilgrimage is a spiritual journey, a path of growth and learning, a way of approaching Allah and feeling it in our soul.

They must know that the goal is not only to approach Allah. The objective of this journey is to approach Him. Make sure that this trip will solve more than one doubt and ensure that your heart is filled with something that could not be explained even with the most beautiful words.

Something there is to live to feel and, at the same time, something to feel to live. An unequivocal feeling of light, a “something” that will be felt in a unique and personal way.

The east trip is that “That” we could call “spark”, a reminder of the true road that we have to fulfil because doing this trip could be described as “Go for the torch that will light us as we travel the path of Allah”.

A torch imperishable that it will never abandon us in our wanderings and that it will enlighten us in the most difficult moments of our life, because, in short, this trip is for that, to safeguard Allah in our hearts.

Young hearts with compassion:

As a young Muslim believer, it is obvious that you longed to reach the highest degree of faith, and I decided to find him by going to the house of Allah. Ask Allah to accept your work and do it purely for his cause. Love him that others benefit through it, making it a source of reward in this life and the next, making it helpful for us on judgement day.

Like any youth, every believing Muslim yearns to do the pilgrimage to the house of Allah, travel that sacred path in which the steps are taken with the heart rather than with the feet.

He felt the desire to be able to reach the highest degree of faith, to find me, and what better place for it than in the refuge that is for the soul the house of Allah? It is a particular remembrance of that day. A day that perhaps would have nothing too special. A day in which Ceuta lived a beautiful spring-like anyone. While asking your parents about this, you need to make sure if the day has come, and if it was the time to talk to my parents.

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