Why Umrah is Known As a Real Heaven of the Earth?

Performing Umrah will make you experience a reality of disorientation and abandonment that can make you resound the words of the preaching that are understandable and justifiable.

For believing Muslims to find oneself to pray there Mecca is a real fortune. Umrah during the month of Ramadan opens the doors of Paradise to the pilgrims, the pilgrimage, in righteousness and for the reward of Allah. So, mostly people book Umrah packages during the Ramadan.

The entrance of this Umrah spiritual oscillatory movement:

For all, Muslim and non-Muslim, this small pilgrimage has a particular interest. You arrived at the Haram wearing only two pieces of white cloth with no seam on the naked body, one rolled up at the belt, the other covering the chest, uncovering the right shoulder.

The dress is called ihram, which means a state of abstinence of the pilgrim. Before wearing you must take a purifying bath in which he asks Allah for the remission of his sins.

As well as for the whole period in which he is a muhrim. That is, in a state of religious consecration, the pilgrim must abstain from sexual relations.

And with this, you have to focus on the fact that In Prayer and Praise of Allah. There is an accurate and exquisite duet of sounds, there is the entrance to the outer perimeter of Haram and the Mosque, which is almost transparent.

There in the mosque, there are thousands of pilgrims and faithful people, in prayer or simply sitting on the carpets to chat.

The consciousness during the movement:

Many of them slept despite the intense bustle of people and the perennial noise that emerges. From the depths of sleep, it was clear that they had spent the whole night in Haram.

And that they had stayed awake until the suhur, the meal that precedes the beginning of daily fasting, before sunrise.

The first act accomplished was the tawaf, the seven-fold circumambulation in counter-clockwise direction of the Kaaba, the sanctuary of Mecca, in the company of a black-robed official, who in exchange for about 15,000 lire teaches and invites to repeat a long series of praises and invocations to Allah.

Such as: We recognise you as the only God and we submit to your law, May we are among those who will deserve Heaven.

Experiencing heaven on earth:

Muslims consider the Kaaba Bait Allah al-Haram, the Sacred House of God, in the belief that it was built by Abraham on the same spot above which, in the kingdom of Heaven, raises the throne of Allah.

The Kaaba, a cubic masonry building, is covered with keswah, a drapery in black silk embroidered with gold Koranic inscriptions.

On the north side of the Kaaba, there is a door all in solid gold. But behind that door there is nothing, the Kaaba is empty.

The faithful compete to be able to touch the keswah, kiss it, sink their faces in it and with raised hands raise supplications of mercy for having secured a place in Heaven.

The holy beliefs that the pilgrims have turns to be fulfiled and they experience a feeling of being in a real heaven of the earth.

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