How to Wash Ihram After Performing Hajj?

What is the Ihram?

The Ihram is known as the state of consecration that all Muslims must perform, adding as a ritual that is found within the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Many of the Muslims symbolise this ritual with the arrival of the human being towards the entrance to the universe sacred Ihram, what you didn’t know about this Islamic rite.

Ihram is a celebration that all Muslims carry out with the intention of achieving the liberation and cleansing of all their sins, in order to receive the grace and blessing of their god Allah. This ceremony takes place with white clothes that are part of the Islamic culture.

Let’s see how and why it is important to wash Ihram after Hajj:

  • The person who joins this religious act is known as a pilgrim, he must fulfil a purification of his body and soul through a complete physical cleansing, with this he seeks to make an ablution of each person, seeking conservation in the hygiene of life that the person possesses during this ritual.
  • In order for the person to enter this state of Ihram he has to do, at the time of the ritual, an ablution or wash in the whole body with the intention of cleaning and purifying himself, men have to purify their head through perfumes that are placed in the Beard and parts of the head, women seek to decorate their body with their own garments for this religious act.
  • After the pilgrims do the respective washing of their physical and spiritual body, they should dress with two pieces of white fabrics without any seams, which have to be rolled all over the body, leaving only their right shoulder exposed, they do not. They should neither cover your head nor your face. During this religious celebration, people are completely prohibited from marriage or their proposal.
  • When this religious celebration ends, the man has the obligation to cut his hair partially or, if he wants to, he should shave his head and thus remove the habit. The woman, in this case, has to partially cut her hair.
  • This celebration seeks the purification of the body, soul, and spirit of the person, freeing him from all kinds of sin he has committed before performing the Ihram and allowing the latter the ability to perform other religious acts that help with the realisation and growth of Muslims within your own culture.

What do they do?

The realisation of the Ihram is completely fundamental for all Muslims, both men and women, it is a previous ceremony that must be taken into account before performing the Umrah or Hajj, which are other ceremonies performed by the Muslim people as part of their culture and celebrations.

Ihram is a sacred state where the person is taken to a state of purification in order to perform other types of religious activities.

The formation of rituals:

How this ritual is performed is present in a completely different way for both the man and the woman, where the man must have a two-part dress with a white sheet, leaving several parts of his body naked.

Instead, women’s clothing should be made in a way that completely conceals their entire body, leaving only part of their face and hands revealed. The woman cannot completely cover her face because this act is completely prohibited and is often seen in a bad and humiliating way for everyone present while this religious celebration is held.

When the person enters the Ihram ritual, it is recommended that the woman should have a purification bath, many tend to carry out this religious act in a strict and severe manner.

If the celebration does not have the necessary resources to perform the purification bath, many Muslims tend to perform a Wudu, which is known as an ablution of this step and thus continue with the ritual, without any problem or penalty. Muslim culture has great beliefs regarding words and the depth of their meaning and power within all areas of people’s lives.

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