Diff Hajj and Umrah

Difference Between Performing Hajj and Umrah

The journey to perform Hajj:

Hajj is the most important moment in the life of the believer. This sacred journey, which offers the believer the possibility of achieving great spiritual achievements such as embracing devotion and living with the conscience of remembering Allah all his life, is a journey that is made in the direction of the inner world of each believer, of all His faithful brothers and history.

Together with the different ways of carrying out this pilgrimage to a sacred region full of memories and mixed traces of all the prophets of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, and his companions, it is also possible to find many spiritual dimensions. Therefore, the Hajj pilgrimage is not about any trip. Starting from its objective and its content is already unlike any other trip. It is a ritual journey to which it is sold with greater objectives. Booking Hajj packages from an authorised agency, it will be an advantage for a first timer Haji.

Work Bone by the Government of Saudi Arabia:

The General Directorate of Services of the Hajj and the Umrah is responsible, on the one hand, for the requirements of the trip are completely fulfilled and, on the other, attaches great importance to the formation and spiritual orientation (Irshad) so that it can really become a turning point in the life of the believer.

The Journey of Performing Umrah:

There is usually no restriction on Umrah registrations outside of the month of Ramadan unless exceptional situations occur.

Those who wish to do the Umrah can go well through the organisation of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, or through the authorised Umrah packages providers or travel agencies. The Umrah programs are prepared in detail every year and communicated to our citizens.

The Difference in Hajj Requirements and Rituals:

From the life of the believer, the Hajj is not a journey that ends in the Kaaba. It is a journey that leads him to Allah. The beltway around the Kaaba once the believer arrives is a symbol of it.
It is as if it were transferred to another world with those turns. For this reason, the Kaaba is not the end but a door to enter eternity.

The pilgrim leaves for this sacred journey with pure feelings and only with the love of prayer, takes those feelings and that noble goal towards a turning point in the development of his moral and spiritual life.

Resources for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage:

The Presidency of Religious Affairs is firmly committed to ensure the believers who fulfil this great act as one of the five pillars of Islam can benefit to the fullest from the incredible spiritual atmosphere that the hajj brings. They can return from this peace trip with a new and pure beginning and may they continue that journey that they have begun with the hajj with the consciousness of remembering Allah in an eternal way.

The Educational Dimension of Hajj and Umrah:

One of the main objectives of making the difference between these two pilgrimages is to consider hajj and Umrah as an educational process. Therefore, knowing the difference between both will help you in making you select your idol trip to perform the rituals.

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