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Al Haramain is a family run business which was established by our father Haji Musa Patel. We at Al Haramain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd are really blessed that our services are helping people to perform Hajj. Being a leading tour operator, we have designed exciting Hajj and Umrah Packages. We know the value and worth of the moment when someone goes on Hajj, and hence we always consider tourists’ concerns in mind. Also, our team effortlessly works to make the tour even more comfortable, joyful, memorable and exciting.

As we always said, our clients are the driving force for us, and we go to any level in order to fulfil their expectations. From start to finish is “Quality & Khidmat”.

  • Hajj and Umrah Packages

    We offer cheap Hajj and Umrah packages to suit your needs, and give you the unforgettable trip ever.

  • Umrah Visas

    Our services cover Umrah Visas, so giving you less to worry about.

  • Hotels

    We offer 5 star hotels giving you a stress free trip.

  • Worldwide Flights

    We cover all the major flight companies.

Al Haramain Tours for Hajj and Umrah Packages

You must be thinking about the reasons to select us for Hajj and Umrah packages. As there are lots of vendors in the market who are offering similar services then why is there a need to hire us only? We are sure that whenever you plan for a Hajj tour for yourself along with the family, you just need someone on whom you can rely and Al Haramain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd is not only a tour operator who books your tickets and makes all the arrangements, but also we will be with you throughout the journey.

We always cater to all the needs of the pilgrims who are on Hajj with us. Moreover, we have kept our Hajj and Umrah packages flexible in which regular modifications are made based on the feedback of our clients. So, by reading these facts you must have understood the reason to select us over others. Apart from that, our services are available within your budget.

Reasons to Choose Al Haramain Tours for Hajj and Umrah Services

  • Friendly and obliging services
  • Fair and legitimate treatment in all client exchanges
  • Quality of all items and services
  • Guaranteed fulfilment of each exchange

Furthermore, we are in the travel industry for more than a decade, and we have won lots of hearts. Even our majority of businesses are running through the references. If we say, we became a mouth of the word for all our pilgrimages, it will not be wrong. At the same time, when you get lots of support and trust, you need to be on your toes in order to maintain the quality of the services. We always keep our intent to make client’s Hajj tours successful. Also, in Islam, Hajj is counted as the fifth pillar, and only lucky ones get a chance to visit there.

What others say about Al Haramain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd

What a brilliant time we had honestly catered for all ages, and they went out of their way everyday to accommodate the group. Well done and keep up the great work guys.

Hussain Master Rated Al-Haramain 5 Star

Sajid and crew service was excellent and always on hand when any help needed. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Jazakallah may Allah reward you for your effort.

Hussein Gaffar Rated Al-Haramain - 5 Stars

Great hajj and umrah group highly recommend I went with them they look after the entire group can’t complain would go with them again.

Rashid ChopdatRated Al-Haramain - 5 STAR

Been many times with many groups al haramain has been great by far. Would Never go with anyone else again I recommend to you all wallahi its been so good that even if I got a cheaper price would never go with others. May allah reward you in both worlds for giving top class service to the guest of allah & nabi ameen.

Farouk PatelRated Al-Haramain - 5 STAR

About Our Hajj Packages

We always keep ourselves involved during the entire journey so that clients could be in a comfortable space. Hence if you are the one who is looking for some reliable Hajj Packages, we are your true valued partner. We make sure to allocate a Hajj guide to each Hajj group. These guides will take care of you just like near and dear ones. Offering Hajj packages is not everyone’s cup of tea as the job demands lots of dedication.

Hajj Packages

Hajj Packages

Complete the Sunnah of Ibrahim (alayhi’l-salam) by perfoming Hajj.

About Our Umrah Packages

We make all the possible accommodations to make your journey successful. We offer what you need and what makes you comfortable. Our Umrah packages fulfil your expectations. Being your reliable partner, we make sure to make your Visa, Book Flights and manage your stay at Makkah & Madinah. We believe the service provider should be strong enough to take and execute the complete responsibilities of the activities required during travelling.

Umrah Packages

Umrah Packages

Tailor made Umrah packages available with exclusive services.