Umrah Visa

Can You Perform Umrah On Business Visa?

A visa is required, which must be obtained before arriving in the country, at the Embassy or Consulates General of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia issues business and work visas, visits for close relatives, and for transit and religious visits for Muslims.

All visas must be obtained before arrival (they are not issued at airports, ports or land borders), they can be sponsored and the process for obtaining them can take several weeks, so it is recommended to make the application well in advance.

Travelling on a business visa for performing Umrah:

It is one of those terms which are known to be very strict according to the conditions of Saudi Arabia. So you need to carry appropriate visa details along with you depending on the type of trip you have chosen.

Everybody knows about the strict system of Saudi Arabia about visa procedures. If at all you wish to travel and work both at the same time in Saudi Arabia, it is advisable to always consult a travel agency which is authorised and renowned.

They will also help in making you visit the holy pilgrimage place, Mecca. There are a lot of passengers on a business visa in Saudi and wish to visit Mecca. It can be possible only when there is no Hajj season. Also, the passport for business visa traveller has been valid for a maximum of six months after the entry date is registered.

The talk about the advance system:

There are rumours that the government of Saudi Arabia has come up with a different visa system where you can find out some listed countries who can visit the place without any hindrance.

Those countries include the overall Schengen area, the United States and Even in Queensland Australia. As per some renowned sources, there won’t be any kind of fight regarding this.

If people are excited about their Umrah performance during a business trip, this type of opportunity is a golden chance for people who were planning to visit Mecca and Allah is in his favour.

Things to keep in mind for business visa holders at Mecca:

The business visa holders who want to visit Mecca should keep in mind that this meeting with Allah at the holy place is only possible when the Umrah is being performed.

The business visa holder, however, does not have the permission to enter even the premises of Mecca during the time of Hajj.

But even on a business visa, you will need to clear out some procedure that is legally done as showing proof. Even the change in the schedule of your business trip is not allowed at a later stage. So people always go for Umrah, when there is less crowd and chaos as it is a short trip with fewer rituals to follow.

People with a business visa, who visit Mecca to perform Umrah will have to check in from the Jeddah or Airport of Madina. This process has been curated to get off with the traffic. This also leads to becoming a custom after a certain year which is believed widely in that province.

Although there are two airports those are being used only by the Prince and other guests on the Jeddah Airport. They are being occupied for arrival and departure at different times. To reduce the traffic and crowd which creates chaos, these airports have been considered to be one of the great working airports.

Strict rules and regulation for visa checking:

There are certain rules regarding the as per Saudi Arabia, they have always told the pilgrims to visit the holy place first and then take another ride.

The date of visiting Mecca for Umrah cannot be obtained at a particular time. For them, it is also necessary to contact other travel agencies who deal with the booking of tourists.

They will hand over the correct constitution which leads to a strict set up even for worshipping god. Regarding this, people might even need to make a set about different types of Umrah packages and selection for assurance.

Before travelling to Mecca for performing Umrah, you will strongly need to check and go through all your documents which can be done through an authorised agency.

Umrah Visa

How To Get Umrah Visa From UK?

The type, validity, and several visa entries allowed will be granted according to the invitation sent from Saudi Arabia and the consulate’s decision.

The Saudi consulate in the UK does not issue visas if it has a valid visa. If you have a valid visa and need to apply for a new visa, please contact the Saudi Embassy in the UK to get into the details of this problem and request information on how to proceed.

There are many types of work or professionals who need to visit Mecca for some technical and legal help. Even for them, the procedure to obtain visas is not easy. However, the government of the UK will always take a call for any emergency priory and make it possible for the citizen.

Here are a few ways which will lead you to get Umrah visa from the UK:

  • If the applicant’s profession or work in the UK is related to technical work, an invitation letter is required for “work visit” and not a business visit.
  • The cover letter must be original and legalised by the Local Chamber of Commerce and later by the Superior Chamber of Commerce The invitation letter must be addressed directly to the applicant and specify the full name in the section “name of the invited body”.
  • Applicants must submit a copy of the last six payments as a self-employed person and the certificate of registration as a self-employed employee.
  • An applicant who works for a company based in Saudi Arabia, (Mecca) and that does have a headquarters in the UK must legalise the business presentation letter. The letter must be legalised by:
  1. The Chamber of Commerce of the country where the company is located.
  2. The consulate of Saudi Arabia in the country where the company is located.

Visa Rejection with a valid reason:

For applying and following the visa procedure, there can also be years which will have to be unfolded, invariably to bring their share of emotions to the pilgrims not having escaped the rule, on the contrary.

Source of cruel disillusion for the thousands of faithful people has a wrong impression, there can be many reasons to terminate the procedure but that doesn’t mean to change the pilgrim’s belief.

For this great journey of all life, so long-awaited, so carefully prepared for it often, consents, of heavy sacrifices, is related, this time again, to a true way of the cross which will be conducted in the holy land.

Indeed, it is a great thing to make the Visa procedure work smoothly with all the formalities done rightly along with great efforts and belief to make a journey for Umrah.

A road that suddenly stopped in front of the doors of their Umrah packages providers and travel agencies at UK – these Visas which were not approved by Saudi Arabia, are now formally promised to their customers which are happy and delighted to know about their approval – while their values were closed, that the money of the pilgrimage had been conveyed and that the dream of accomplishing was fulfilled by both Governments of the UK and Saudi Arabia.