Umrah Preparation

How to Prepare Yourself for Umrah Tour?

The pilgrim can perform 3 types of Hajj:

  • The Hajj “tamatou”: the pilgrim chooses to do his Umrah before his Hajj.
  • Hajj “ifrade”: the pilgrim decides to do only the Hajj and not to perform Umrah.
  • The Hajj “quirane”: the pilgrim performs Hajj and Umrah together.

For the sake of simplicity, we propose a description of the first city, namely the Hajj “tomato”. So we start by explaining the Manasik of Umrah.

The Umrah:

  • Before going into Ihram (sacralisation), it is good to wash the body completely by doing a Ghusl (ritual bath), to epilate some parts like the armpits and the pubis, to cut the nails, to carve the moustache and put on perfume (musk for example).
  • After having performed the Ghusl (ritual bath), the pilgrim attaches around his waist the Izar (a kind of white loincloth) and puts on the top of his body the Rida (white cloth). To put on shoes, the haj (pilgrim) will put sandals incha ALLAH. It is possible to carry the robe of Ihram in his hotel room before being in the Miqat, as was done by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and the Sahaba.
  • It must be borne in mind that wearing Ihram’s habit is not synonymous with entry into a state of sacralisation.
  • After that, the haj (pilgrim) gets on the bus to go to Mecca passing by the Miqat. In our case, as we come from Medina, our Miqat will be that of Dhou-El Houlayfa which is also called Abyar-Ali (distant from Medina of 12 Km).
  • Once at the Miqat, the pilgrims for whom the Miqat is Thou El Houlayfa may (recommended but not required) perform a supererogatory prayer because the place is blessed.
  • In the case where the pilgrim arrives at the Miqat at the time of Dohr’s prayer, he performs Dohr’s prayer, and then he formulates the intention (as did the ALLAH Messenger, Peace and Blessings be on him).
  • As soon as he finishes his prayer, and decides to enter the state of Irham (sacralisation), the haj (pilgrim) stands in the direction of the Qibla (in a standing position) to make the following intention: “Labayka ALLAHOUMMA bi ‘Umrah”, to which we can add ALLAHOUMMA hadhihi’ Omratan the riya-a fiha wa the soum’atan ‘=’ My Lord, I am going to Your call to perform an ‘Umrah’. And “without ostentation or reputation seeking”.

 These prohibitions concern both men and women:

  • To put something (that is in direct contact) on the head like a cheche, a hat, a scarf, a cap, a visor etc…
  • The fact of putting on clothes where there are seams and which are fashioned such as trousers, shirts, tracksuits, sweaters, T-shirts etc…
  • As for the sisters, they can put on the clothes they want; however, they should not put on gloves or hide their faces with a sitar for example.

The arrival of the sacred city of Mecca: When the pilgrim arrives at the blessed place of Mecca (AL HARAMOU AL MAKKI) and the houses of Mecca are seen, the Haj (pilgrim) stops pronouncing the Talbiya to devote himself to do certain acts, which are:

It is good for the pilgrim (haj) to wash the whole body doing what is called in Arabic a “Ghusl” (ritual bath, a kind of shower during which the whole body must be reached by the water) before entering the blessed city of Mecca, and entering the sacred city of Mecca in broad daylight (if possible by ALLAH’s permission).

In the state of sacralisation (Ihram), certain things become forbidden as:

  • Shaving or Cutting One’s Hair.
  • Cutting One’s Nails (Whether Hands or Feet)
  • The Embalming of the Body or the Garment of Perfume.
  • Concluding Away (Marriage) or Asking For It for Yourself or Someone Else.
  • The Fact of Indulging In the Preliminaries of the Sexual Relation, Such As Kissing His Wife.
  • The Act of Carnality Concretely With His Wife.
  • Slaughtering a Game.

If you are a first timer pilgrim and not willing to remember, just book Umrah packages from travel agency which will provide guide for entire journey.

Umrah at Younger Age

Why Younger Age is The Best Time to Perform Umrah?

Many of us dream to perform the pilgrimage from a very young age and to see the Kaaba closely and the Abraham Station, to drink Zamzam, to make the Tawaf around the Kaaba, to wear the white uniform of the pilgrimage, and to meet Muslims from all over the world to participate in the most important gathering in the history of mankind.

The pilgrimage is a unique occasion to solicit the forgiveness of Allah SoubhanaHou Wa Ta’ala and to become better to gain access to paradise, insha’Allah. Yet the pilgrimage is sometimes perceived as a distant event and out of reach, especially among young people.

That said, we sooner or later end up leaving high school and university to move forward in our lives. You may start with an amount set aside, or you may have paid off the last instalment of your student loan.

You then have the opportunity to go to Hajj. At the same time, other projects may come to you like a wedding, a trip, or a vacation, which then forces you to make a choice. So notice to young people, you who are torn between all these possibilities. Here is why you should invest all your energy, your efforts, and your resources in what could be called the dream of a lifetime: The pilgrimage to Mecca.

A young pilgrim on performing Umrah:

A teenager or a mature adult should know that this experience is much more than a physical journey. This pilgrimage is a spiritual journey, a path of growth and learning, a way of approaching Allah and feeling it in our soul.

They must know that the goal is not only to approach Allah. The objective of this journey is to approach Him. Make sure that this trip will solve more than one doubt and ensure that your heart is filled with something that could not be explained even with the most beautiful words.

Something there is to live to feel and, at the same time, something to feel to live. An unequivocal feeling of light, a “something” that will be felt in a unique and personal way.

The east trip is that “That” we could call “spark”, a reminder of the true road that we have to fulfil because doing this trip could be described as “Go for the torch that will light us as we travel the path of Allah”.

A torch imperishable that it will never abandon us in our wanderings and that will enlighten us in the most difficult moments of our life, because, in short, this trip is for that, to safeguard Allah in our hearts.

Young hearts with compassion:

As a young Muslim believer, it is obvious that you longed to reach the highest degree of faith, and I decided to find him by going to the house of Allah. Ask Allah to accept your work and do it purely for his cause. Love him that others benefit through it, making it a source of reward in this life and the next, making it helpful for us on judgement day final.

Like any youth, every believing Muslim yearns to do the pilgrimage to the house of Allah, travel that sacred path in which the steps are taken with the heart rather than with the feet.

He felt the desire to be able to reach the highest degree of faith, to find me, and what better place for it that in the refuge that is for the soul the house of Allah? It is a particular remembrance of that day. A day that perhaps would have nothing too special. A day in which Ceuta lived a beautiful spring-like another anyone. While asking out your parents about this, you need to make sure if the day had come, and if it was the time to talk to my parents.

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Umrah Visa

Can You Perform Umrah On Business Visa?

A visa is required, which must be obtained before arriving in the country, at the Embassy or Consulates General of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia issues business and work visas, visits for close relatives, and for transit and religious visits for Muslims.

All visas must be obtained before arrival (they are not issued at airports, ports or land borders), they can be sponsored and the process for obtaining them can take several weeks, so it is recommended to make the application well in advance.

Travelling on a business visa for performing Umrah:

It is one of those terms which are known to be very strict according to the conditions of Saudi Arabia. So you need to carry appropriate visa details along with you depending on the type of trip you have chosen.

Everybody knows about the strict system of Saudi Arabia about visa procedures. If at all you wish to travel and work both at the same time in Saudi Arabia, it is advisable to always consult a travel agency which is authorised and renowned.

They will also help in making you visit the holy pilgrimage place, Mecca. There are a lot of passengers on a business visa in Saudi and wish to visit Mecca. It can be possible only when there is no Hajj season. Also, the passport for business visa traveller has been valid for a maximum of six months after the entry date is registered.

The talk about the advance system:

There are rumours that the government of Saudi Arabia has come up with a different visa system where you can find out some listed countries who can visit the place without any hindrance.

Those countries include the overall Schengen area, the United States and Even in Queensland Australia. As per some renowned sources, there won’t be any kind of fight regarding this.

If people are excited about their Umrah performance during a business trip, this type of opportunity is a golden chance for people who were planning to visit Mecca and Allah is in his favour.

Things to keep in mind for business visa holders at Mecca:

The business visa holders who want to visit Mecca should keep in mind that this meeting with Allah at the holy place is only possible when the Umrah is being performed.

The business visa holder, however, does not have the permission to enter even the premises of Mecca during the time of Hajj.

But even on a business visa, you will need to clear out some procedure that is legally done as showing proof. Even the change in the schedule of your business trip is not allowed at a later stage. So people always go for Umrah, when there is less crowd and chaos as it is a short trip with fewer rituals to follow.

People with a business visa, who visit Mecca to perform Umrah will have to check in from the Jeddah or Airport of Madina. This process has been curated to get off with the traffic. This also leads to becoming a custom after a certain year which is believed widely in that province.

Although there are two airports those are being used only by the Prince and other guests on the Jeddah Airport. They are being occupied for arrival and departure at different times. To reduce the traffic and crowd which creates chaos, these airports have been considered to be one of the great working airports.

Strict rules and regulation for visa checking:

There are certain rules regarding the as per Saudi Arabia, they have always told the pilgrims to visit the holy place first and then take another ride.

The date of visiting Mecca for Umrah cannot be obtained at a particular time. For them, it is also necessary to contact other travel agencies who deal with the booking of tourists.

They will hand over the correct constitution which leads to a strict set up even for worshipping god. Regarding this, people might even need to make a set about different types of Umrah packages and selection for assurance.

Before travelling to Mecca for performing Umrah, you will strongly need to check and go through all your documents which can be done through an authorised agency.


Why Umrah is Known As a Real Heaven of the Earth?

Performing Umrah will make you experienced a reality of disorientation and abandonment that can make you resound the words of the preaching that are understandable and justifiable.

For believing Muslims to find oneself pray there Mecca is a real fortune. Umrah during the month of Ramadan opens the doors of Paradise to the pilgrims, the pilgrimage, in righteousness and for the reward of Allah. So, mostly people book Umrah packages during the Ramadan.

The entrance of this Umrah spiritual oscillatory movement:

For all, Muslim and non-Muslim, this small pilgrimage has a particular interest. You arrived at the Haram wearing only two pieces of white cloth with no seam on the naked body, one rolled up at the belt, the other covering the chest, uncovering the right shoulder.

The dress is called ihram, which means a state of abstinence of the pilgrim. Before wearing you must take a purifying bath in which he asks Allah for the remission of his sins.

As well as for the whole period in which he is a muhrim. That is, in a state of religious consecration, the pilgrim must abstain from sexual relations.

And with this, you have to focus on the fact that In Prayer and Praise of Allah. There is an accurate and exquisite duet of sounds, there is the entrance to the outer perimeter of Haram and the Mosque, which is almost transparent.

There in the mosque, there are thousands of pilgrims and faithful people, in prayer or simply sitting on the carpets to chat.

The consciousness during the movement:

Many of them slept despite the intense bustle of people and the perennial noise that emerges. From the depths of sleep, it was clear that they had spent the whole night in the Haram.

And that they had stayed awake until the suhur, the meal that precedes the beginning of daily fasting, before sunrise.

The first act accomplished was the tawaf, the seven-fold circumambulation in counter-clockwise direction of the Kaaba, the sanctuary of Mecca, in the company of a black-robed official, who in exchange for about 15,000 lire teaches and invites to repeat a long series of praises and invocations to Allah.

Such as: We recognise you as the only God and we submit to your law, May we are among those who will deserve Heaven.

Experiencing heaven on earth:

Muslims consider the Kaaba Bait Allah al-Haram, the Sacred House of God, in the belief that it was built by Abraham on the same spot above which, in the kingdom of Heaven, raises the throne of Allah.

The Kaaba, a cubic masonry building, is covered with keswah, a drapery in black silk embroidered with gold Koranic inscriptions.

On the north side of the Kaaba, there is a door all in solid gold. But behind that door there is nothing, the Kaaba is empty.

The faithful compete to be able to touch the keswah, kiss it, sink their faces in it and with raised hands raise supplications of mercy for having secured a place in Heaven.

The holy beliefs that the pilgrims have turns to be fulfiled and they experience a feeling of being in a real heaven of the earth.

Umrah Visa

How To Get Umrah Visa From UK?

The type, validity, and several visa entries allowed will be granted according to the invitation sent from Saudi Arabia and the consulate’s decision.

The Saudi consulate in the UK does not issue visas if it has a valid visa. If you have a valid visa and need to apply for a new visa, please contact the Saudi Embassy in the UK to get into the details of this problem and request information on how to proceed.

There are many types of work or professionals who need to visit Mecca for some technical and legal help. Even for them, the procedure to obtain visas is not easy. However, the government of the UK will always take a call for any emergency priory and make it possible for the citizen.

Here are a few ways which will lead you to get Umrah visa from the UK:

  • If the applicant’s profession or work in the UK is related to technical work, an invitation letter is required for “work visit” and not a business visit.
  • The cover letter must be original and legalised by the Local Chamber of Commerce and later by the Superior Chamber of Commerce The invitation letter must be addressed directly to the applicant and specify the full name in the section “name of the invited body”.
  • Applicants must submit a copy of the last six payments as a self-employed person and the certificate of registration as a self-employed employee.
  • An applicant who works for a company based in Saudi Arabia, (Mecca) and that does have a headquarters in the UK must legalise the business presentation letter. The letter must be legalised by:
  1. The Chamber of Commerce of the country where the company is located.
  2. The consulate of Saudi Arabia in the country where the company is located.

Visa Rejection with a valid reason:

For applying and following the visa procedure, there can also be years which will have to be unfolded, invariably to bring their share of emotions to the pilgrims not having escaped the rule, on the contrary.

Source of cruel disillusion for the thousands of faithful people has a wrong impression, there can be many reasons to terminate the procedure but that doesn’t mean to change the pilgrim’s belief.

For this great journey of all life, so long-awaited, so carefully prepared for it often, consents, of heavy sacrifices, is related, this time again, to a true way of the cross which will be conducted in the holy land.

Indeed, it is a great thing to make the Visa procedure work smoothly with all the formalities done rightly along with great efforts and belief to make a journey for Umrah.

A road that suddenly stopped in front of the doors of their Umrah packages providers and travel agencies at UK – these Visas which were not approved by Saudi Arabia, are now formally promised to their customers which are happy and delighted to know about their approval – while their values were closed, that the money of the pilgrimage had been conveyed and that the dream of accomplishing was fulfilled by both Governments of the UK and Saudi Arabia.