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Al Haramain is an organisation offering Hajj and Umrah packages from years with Excellency. We are the leading travel organisation physically located in the United Kingdom. We are highly committed to providing quality services by understanding all of your attention.

This is an organisation established by Mr. Haji Musa Patel. His consistent hard work and efforts have made this business one of the most recommended from satisfied customers. Our steady growth is dependent on client trust. We own comprehensive travel solutions for you whether they’re towards Makkah or any other destination in the world. Our organisational growth, client loyalty, and staff dedication are proven to industrial standards.

Al Harmain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd is a standout amongst the most recognised administration offices working since 2008 in the field of Hajj and Umrah benefit with a demonstrated track of devotion and polished skill. We are pleased to tell the explorers that the administration of Al Harmain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd is one of the most astounding bore and experienced direction.

Hajj and Umrah Sector guarantees awesome returns as well as makes one stand with pride by serving the visitors of ALLAH. Enthusiasm, Commitment, Professionalism, and Desire to serve the Guests of ALLAH are a couple of characteristics that one needs to wander in this field. In the event that you wish to have a beneficial outcome in the lives of explorers making a trip to the heavenly land and your own particular connect with us.

Al Harmain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd is managed by Professional Executives with long and rich experience of the Hajj and Umrah packages service. Our point is to give the most professional service to the travelers under the direction of experienced scholars, hotel convenience, transportation, visa, traveler handling, catering, ziarats, clothing as per the financial plan of every family or gathering of pioneers. Travelers can visit authentic places in Makkah and Madina drove by experienced aides.

About Hajj Packages

Hajj journey to Makkah to the House Kaba is an obligation that humankind owes to Allah, the individuals who can manage the cost of the costs for ones movement, arrangement and residence. One of the advantages of Hajj is for devotees to see or witness the vital milestones. Additionally, about yielding a creature by specifying the name of Allah. We are furnishing two sorts of bundle with non-moving office mode. Pick your appropriate packages from beneath –

The Door of the Kabah HD

HAJJ 2018 Packages

Complete the Sunnah of Ibrahim (alayhi’l-salam) by perfoming Hajj in 2018.

Hajj Packages

About Umrah Packages

Umrah is a journey to Mecca that can be embraced whenever of the year. Umrah isn’t considered as obligatory yet it is exceptionally suggested in Islam. There are two unique sorts of Umrah. Umrah can be joined with the Hajj (Umrah al-tammatu) or taken freely of the Hajj (al-Umrah al mufradah). We are giving umrah bundles according to month. Get your fitting Packages for umrah beneath –

Top view of Masjid-ul-haram

Umrah 2018 Packages

Tailor made Umrah packages available with exclusive Services.

Umrah Packages

Hajj Packages 2018 – Book by 1st April 2018 and and Get £50 Off per person.

Al Harmain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd began benefits in 2008; We have assessed and influenced serious research in Haj and Umrah to handle, concentrating on giving most ideal administrations to the adored visitor of Allah at Al Haramain Hajj and Umrah Tours. We are a devoted group completely dedicated towards giving specific administrations in light of our aphorism to the degree that nothing can be even remotely practically identical to our administrations. Our inspiration originates from the adherence to the standards of neighborliness and greatness.

In every one of these years we have constantly endeavored to make Kaiflyat of Hajj or Umrah among our Hajis and attempted to make their journey simple and agreeable by giving important administrations. In every one of these years we have dependably offered settlement near both the Harams and cooked three dinners to Hajis. We have constantly given what we have guaranteed or expressed. The individuals who have gone along with us bear declaration to our administrations.

Al Haramain Hajj & Umrah Tours LTD – World Of Difference

Al Haramain is our family run business which was established by our late hather Haji Musa Patel. His hardwork passionate teachings for providing outstanding, reliable, honest and trustworthy Hajj and Umrah Packages service will continued to be practiced by our brother Sajid Musa Patel.

Al Haramain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd will always live up to and exceed your expectations. The key from start to finish is “Quality & Khidmat”.

  • Hajj and Umrah

    We offer cheap Hajj and Umrah packages to suit your needs, and give you the best trip ever.

  • Umrah Visas

    Our services cover Umrah Visas.

  • Hotels

    We offer the best hotels giving you a stress free trip.

  • Worldwide Flights

    We cover all the major flight companies.

Why Choose Us for Hajj and Umrah Packages

Our organisation visionary client benefit and staff preparing is the explanation behind our proceeded with progress. In our undertaking to give expanded travel needs of our client at one area, we offer visa administrations, exchanges, explorers Insurance, voyagers Checks and so on. The accompanying are the trademark of our team:

  • Friendly and obliging services
  • Fair and legitimate treatment in all client exchanges
  • Quality of all items and services
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of each exchange

Not with standing these, we offer distinctive Hajj and Umrah packages to suit customer calendar and spending plan. We have completely prepared advisors prepared to benefit your each movement require.

What others say about Al Haramain Hajj and Umrah Tours Ltd

What a brillent time we had honestly cater for all ages, and they went out of their way everday to accomodate the group. Well done and keep up the great work guys.

Hussain Master Rated Al-Haramain 5 Star

Sajid and crew service was excellent and always on hand when any help needed. Couldn’t recommend them enough. Jazakallah may Allah reward you for your effort.

Hussein Gaffar Rated Al-Haramain - 5 Stars

Best hajj and umrah group highly recommend I went with them they look after all the group can’t complain would go with them again

Rashid ChopdatRated Al-Haramain - 5 STAR

Been many times with many groups al haramain has been best by far….neva would go with anyone else again i recomend to you all wallahi its been soo good tht even if i got a cheaper price would neva go with others
May allah reward you in both worlds for giving top class service to the guest of allah& nabi ﷺ ameen

Farouk PatelRated Al-Haramain - 5 STAR